Safe Travel Tips During COVID-19


Traveling safety restrictions may vary from state to state. One should be aware of these rules well in advance before traveling to avoid unpleasant surprises and situations. The centre for Disease Control and Prevention recommends some of these tips to be followed: ⦁ Always wear a mask or a cloth, covering your face.⦁ Maintain 6ft … Read more

Top 15 Productive Things to Do in Free Time


So what do you do in your free time or in corona lockdown time at home? You might have completed Netflix list, played a lot of video games, tired of talking about the news with your friends and family or have seen enough memes on internet while sitting on your sofa. It’s time to change … Read more

Nightlife In Goa – Best Bars, Pubs and Casinos

nightlife in goa

Nightlife In Goa is all about parties, beaches, club, casinos, cheap alcohol and almost everything to spent an awesome night !!! Goa has something for every visitor. This beach town offers a lot of stunning beaches, peaceful and beautiful sights to see, the best nightlife and the best kind of parties you can rave to. There’s too … Read more