10 Most Romantic Beach Honeymoon Destinations

Weddings today are so full on, aren’t they? People today spend so much money on that one day and in a short 24 hours, it’s all over. But there’s always the honeymoon to look forward to, so leave the confetti behind and pack your bikini and sun cream instead –let’s go on honeymoon and beaches are the most romantic destinations so let us help you to pick the most romantic beach around the world for your perfect beach honeymoon.

Bora Bora Honeymoon


With its sapphire seas, sandy islets and over water bungalows, Bora Bora beach honeymoon exudes romance. It embodies the perfect and most idyllic honeymoon destination. This is the place to visit for bright lagoons, charming cottage accommodations, restful sandy beaches, and bright coloured mallow flowers. Located in French Polynesia in the South Pacific islands, Bora Bora has been described as the most beautiful island in the world.

Maldives Honeymoon


Maldives beaches, most of them untouched by human feet are a getaway unlike any beach honeymoon destination. Think of laying on the soft white sands with your life partner, taking a dip in the azure coloured waters while completely alone on whole island, you’ll actually get pleasure from not simply the unflawed fantastic thing about nature however additionally every other’s undisturbed company.

Hawaii Honeymoon


When it comes to American beach honeymoon destinations, Hawaii stands out as the clear winner. Thanks to its beautiful beaches, crystal-clear waters, and Aloha spirit, it’s nearly impossible to travel wrong with a honeymoon in Hawaii. Hawaii is full of several award winning spa that provide couple spa sessions within the most lovely and romantic ambience.

Seychelles Honeymoon


Seychelles offers everything you’d want on your honeymoon – glimmering beaches, exquisite beauty, delis delicacies, heart-warming people and carnival-like spirit of the place. Its white sand,pristine turquoise water, and ultra-luxurious resorts and hotels make for a good combination to start a new life together on your Seychelles beach honeymoon.

Mauritius Honeymoon


Mauritius is the ultimate, dreamy destination.There is nothing more tranquil and romantic than endless beaches, azure water and spectacular sunsets. Enjoy the company of your soulmate on the most memorable island in Africa. No matter which activities or hobbies interests you, there is something for you to enjoy together. If you are looking for an unforgettable experience, a beach honeymoon in Mauritius should be the thing which you need to look forward to.

Bali Honeymoon


Bali is a fantastic beach honeymoon destination in Asia. The tropical paradise of Bali island was created for lovers. The main advantages of Bali as a honeymoon destination are the attractive scenery, the attention-grabbing and exotic culture, and the comparatively low cost for such a tremendous island paradise. Couples Mud bath – Indonesian massage is world famous plus loads of tremendous and cheap spas you can find easily in Bali.

Andaman India Honeymoon


Andaman is known for its unbeatable number of spectacular beaches, each different from the other. They serve as the best place to relax under the sun or a normal swim in the crystal clear waters. The beaches are famous for surfing, scuba diving and Jet skiing. These places allow the couples to bond and spend some quality and romantic time together. A long walk on the beach at sunset, there couldn’t be a better way to get to know your partner. Elephant beach, Havelock Island, Ross and Smith, Jolly Bouy beach are the main highlights of the island. These beaches are among the most visited and famous islands in Andaman.

Thailand Honeymoon


Thailand comes with a perfect package for beach honeymoon, offering to all of your fantasies. From gorgeous landscapes, blissful beaches, extravagant resorts right on the beach, amazing spots for sport activity to scrumptious food for your taste buds and mind blowing fun through all night rocking parties, Thailand is the place to go which is quite affordable and really easy on your pocket.

Greece Honeymoon

It’s charming natural beauty and delightful architecture make it a hot choose amid the most popular beach honeymoon destinations in the world.


From the black sand beaches in Santorini to picturesque resorts in Mykonos and more to the colonies of white washed homes in Oia and Crete, the traditional dating town is true love ! As you explore the beautiful beaches of Greece riding on a cruise, pour yourself and your partner a glass of bubbly, catch the breathtaking view of the sun slipping past a volcano right in the middle of ocean, you’ll agree that a honeymoon in Greece is the cooled thing to have ever happened to you!

Istanbul Honeymoon


Turquoise blue waters, colourful markets, stunning historic sites and amazing landscapes, Turkey has it all. The country provides an amazing mix of culture and natural beauty to give you the beach honeymoon you have been looking for. Turkey can be the ideal backdrop for your budding married life to bloom. Turkey is an awesome place for an off-beat honeymoon. If you are a couple who prefer to do things differently, Turkey is the best place for you to kick-start your new married life.

I must say you are very excited to pick one of these many options and thinking about which one to choose? I would suggest you talk to your partner and pick the one which is best suited with your expectation and also in your budget. Don’t forget to checkout a compiled list of Top Trending Holiday Destinations Around the World before you finalise your destination. Also, please leave some comments and feedback about your experience on beach honeymoon destinations which could be helpful to our visitors.


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