Top Trending Holiday Destinations Around the World

Holidays are all about spending some quality time with your loved ones. There’s no better way to do this than to share new experiences, take in new sights and explore new holiday destinations together. So if you are looking for holiday ideas, we have listed some of the ultimate holiday destination spots around the world.



The most visited holiday destinations in the world, with over 45 million visitors per year. Paris is immense, with more than thousands of years of history, it would take a lifetime to know all of the Paris. It can be overwhelming for most people. It is easy to see from your own eyes that Paris is the city of love and the city of lights. There are so many stunning places to visit like Paris symbolic Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, Louvre Museum, Champs Elysées / Arc of Triumph, Disneyland Paris and so on.



Rome, the “eternal city”, is so called of its great beauty, contrast and life. Rome is the religious world centre of Catholic Church, the amazing ruins of the centre of the Roman Empire and the modern bustling Rome and is on top of the list of every tourist’s holiday destinations. Everything in Rome is on a massive scale, solid and “eternal”. Most visited places in Rome are Pantheon, Colosseum, Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona and many more.



Looking London for your next holiday destinations? This city best known for its cultural wealth, historical institutions, family-friendly attractions, festivals along with a lively nightlife scene. London must-see attractions include the British Museum and Buckingham Palace, iconic sights like the London Eye, the Tower Bridge and Big Ben. The city also offers efficient and pocket friendly public transit options. There are a plenty of accommodations to select from, ranging from vacation rentals to high-end luxurious hotels. For dining, don’t leave London without having a curry or fish and chips with a pint at a bar.

Phuket, Thailand

Phuket, Thailand

Phuket (pronounced Poo-get) is Thailand’s biggest island located off the west coast in the Andaman Sea. Two bridges connect the island of Phuket to mainland city of Thailand. Thailand is the world’s 20th most populous country with 69.5 million people. Tourism helped to become Phuket island into Thailand’s wealthiest province. Throughout the history, Phuket was and is one of the major holiday destinations in Asia region.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands


In the glory days of its 17th century, Amsterdam was the hub of world trade and nowadays it is the centre of the multi cultural age with it’s history still etched in the architectures across the city. The Dutch city is well known for its cultural vibe, liberal nature and being the home of the Anne Frank Museum and the Rijksmuseum. Amsterdam is definitely a holiday destinations to add to your the bucket list if next adventures.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia


Undoubtedly the most admired island in the South Pacific, Bora Bora is French Polynesia’s leading lady. Her beauty is matchless and her esteem is unwavering. Bora Bora is one of the very few places on earth that everyone hopes to visit in their lifetime. And once you see it, you will be forever in love with it. Plan your holidays on this amazing place and enjoy it’s breath taking scenic beauty.

New York City


The city boasts some of America’s stunning sites like Times Square, the Empire State Building, Lady Liberty and Brooklyn Bridge. This multi cultural city is one of the most popular cities that is visited by tourists.



Dubai is definitely known for its epitome of luxury, entertainment, and adventure in Asia. Countless visitor comes every year to enjoy the New Year in Dubai. Be it the most adventures, nightlife, food or culture- Dubai is lightening fast winning over tourist from all over the world. You will have the best holiday experience in this man made luxurious city. The main attractions are Burj Khalifa, The Dubai Fountain, The Dubai Mall, Dubai Miracle Garden, Global Village, Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark, Dubai Frame, Burj Al Arab and many more.


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